Cal King bed, Massage Chair, 60" 4K TV, Fireplace...
Master Bedroom
Cal King Bed and optional Twin Bed


Paris Bedroom

Netflix + Hulu + HBO + DirectTVNow + ...
65" 4K TV + 4K Apple TV
Inside Kitchenette
Outside BBQ & Oven
4th of July Fireworks from the deck

How to get the TV working

Electronics can be confusing.
The Harbor View Villa is equipped with brand new 4K Samsung 65″ TVs and 4K Apple TVs.
Here are a few tips on how to get started with the TV.
If you have any issues, please message us, we guarantee you an answer within minutes!

TV Remote

Here is a quick summary of what the remote buttons do.
You can also use the Remote App that comes with your iPhone.

TV not connected to internet?

Are you getting an error message saying that the TV is not connected to the internet?

Click ⌂ on the remote and make sure  TV is selected (see picture on the left)

Cable TV

We have an AT&T TV Premier (formerly Direct TV Now) subscription.
You should be able to access your favorite channels directly from the AT&T TV app.
If the app is asks for a password, please contact us.

Streaming Services

We have several different streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime etc…

Each one has its own app and unique contents.

Movie Library

We have a library of over 500 movies.
Click on the iTunes movie app, and check the purchased tab.

You will find a lot of kids movies, with close to a hundred Disney titles as well as titles for all ages.
Full Movie Library List:

One App to rule them all

Look for a title, but not sure which service has it?

Check the TV app and start searching.
Click on the title you are looking for, it will tell you where you can watch it.

Too confusing? Getting asked for passwords?

After updating, apps sometime ask for a password reminder.
If the app you are trying to access does not let you watch its contents, send us a message.

We’d be happy to help anytime, either remotely or by coming over and walk you through the steps.

Game Controllers

We have 4 game controllers to play with your friends and family.
They are located in the living room side table.

To turn the controllers on, slide the “Hold” button to the “black” position.
The controller’s LEDs should light up red. If not, turn it OFF/ON again.

The controllers have a rechargeable battery (iPhone lighting cable). We’d be happy to charge them for you if needed.

Party Games

Our favorite party games on the Apple TV are:

These games can play with as many people as desired, each one playing on his own smartphone.
Drawful is similar to Pictionary. Give it a try!


Multiplayer Games

Several of the games available can be played split-screen with your friends with the help of the controllers.

Some of our favorites:

And many more on the complimentary  Arcade subscription